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When it comes to accounting everyone blindly faith on Sage and obviously why not. Sage is accounting software which is very useful and limitless features providing to everyone irrespective of the small or medium business. Many Sage versions are in the market which helps you a lot such as Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage ERP, etc.  These are the versions that are the most popular among the people. However, the versions are equipped with different features.

New Features of Sage 50

Although there are unlimited features of sage but below are listed some basic features which are always helpful to everyone and are present in every version.

Let’s check out the features

  • You can access everything from the dashboard such as reports, data, inventory, expenses, and almost everything at only one place which is the dashboard .
  • Tracking and managing both can be easily done and maintained by you.
  • Track and manage the cash is very easy and expenses of your business can be also tracked
  • The receipt can also be sent to the client and it is the thing only you need is an internet connection
  • You can track the expenses, business cash flow, analyses, etc
  • Get the 24*7 support by the support team

List of Some Common Sage 50 Errors

Errors are the bugs that are created when any process is not going through. These errors are the creators of the big issues, some of the reasons are given below

  • Back up not done
  • Installation not done properly
  • Server connections are lost
  • Moving company data to another computer
  • Permissions are not valid
  • After Windows upgradations data is lost
  • Restorations are not done properly
  • Interruptions while installation of software
  • the software doesn’t meet the minimum requirements
  • Integrations issues with third-party software

Errors list is sage is a big thing, and anyone cant remembers the error list and its meaning. Some basic error list and its meaning are given below

  1. Sage Error code R6034- It is nothing but the runtime error and there is an error with Install Shield.
  2. Sage Error code 6002- User can experience an error while setup and it mainly occurs when there is a problem with starting the installation.
  3. Sage Error code 1628- User came across with the message Failed to complete script related to installing or it failed to complete the installation. Users may have misunderstood that another installation is still in progress
  4. Sage Error code 1721- The three main reasons behind this error include:
    1. Do not have correct access rights
    1. Avast! Due to sage file that is going to quarantining
    1. inappropriate permissions for common files or folders
    1. It fails to register file once again
  5. It may be due to AutoUpdatesRegistrationCA.exe while uninstalling   
  6. Sage Error code 1608- the message display on the screen that you are not able to create an Install driver instance. The issue can either be with Windows users related to permission or maybe with the windows registry.
  7. Sage Error code 1603- Untreatable error user experience while installation. It occurs when users have incorrect Windows user permissions to access the affected areas during installation.  
  8. Sage Error code 1308- Not able to find source file and it can resolve at ease by downloading or installing the software again.
  9. Sage Error code 1325- Invalid filename and occur when users have not correct Windows user permission
  10. Sage Error code 1101- The error mainly occurs when there is an issue with the registration and it could not allocate you to a new page for any database because of insufficient storage space

How to contact us

Feel free to do live chat at, The expert’s Sage 50 technical support team are available 24*7 to help out your problem and issues. Sage chat support experts are very helpful and having years of experience in the same domain. alternatively, you can also connected with the sage chat supports. Sage chat support email id is if you are unable to call jut email us and one of the experts get back to you shortly.

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